What To Look For In A Person.

I have been in on the online dating scene for a while now. According to my experience, talking a bit to a woman online will give you an idea of what to expect when you meet in person. The thing is, my intuition doesn’t miss. When I meet women online, I have in mind what I am looking for but it doesn’t mean for sure if it is going to be a good match. When I follow these standards, the chances of us liking each other are higher than ever.

Viewing Her Profile: Signs I Should Contact Her

A profile is an insight to a person’s life but you can’t know if she is girlfriend material. It will only give you an idea of their likes, dislikes, hobbies and passions. But there’s no guarantees she is like anything like her profile says. Meeting in person and finding out on your own is always better. So when I browse through a profile online, this is what I look for:

  • Sense the tone of her profile. If she is all whiny, egotistical and bitchy and that’s a turn off. Unless you are into that kind of thing. I on the other hand, like my women positive.
  • The grammar and words used on her profile indicate she has a high school diploma. Let me just confess quickly that I am a grammar/spelling Nazi. Lack of correct use of words is a deal breaker for me.
  • I like my girl funny or someone who can appreciate it. But a profile isn’t enough to find out where she stands on the humor scale. I usually contact and talk to her before I reach to any conclusions.
  • For a relationship to bud, you need to have something in common with a woman. I don’t mean she needs to a female version of me or anything, but a couple of common interests always make her more interesting.
  • If she has a list of things you need to qualify, then is definitely suggests she is a stuck-up bitch and I just scroll past her profile. Not worth spending time there.

IM and Text Messaging: When I Know I Must Ask Her Out

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If you have been an online dater (wowdate.co.uk) then you must have experienced that one time you wish you hadn’t contacted a woman. It happens too often that people leave out certain things about themselves or “enhance” their profiles while you are expecting entirely a different person. But you never know if the one you are talking/chatting to could be “the one”. So without further ado, here are signs I look out for when I am talking to a chick:

  • She is into me and it is easy to determine it. If her replies are longer than a word or two and is making an effort to talk to you, she’s interested.
  • She tries to know more about you and is really into the conversation. She will ask questions and try to know you more, definitely interest is growing.
  • The girl and you rather enjoy talking to each other; you are heading down the right track.
  • And finally, if she gives you her number that is no doubt a big fat sign saying ‘she wants to take things further’.