Why use electronic cigarette? Well, you have already heard that they are an alternative to the real stick and do a lot less harm to your system. While this is a proven fact, many still felt a bit skeptic as to whether or not to make the switch to the electronic version. The main line of concern was the taste. Would you get the same satisfaction with the e cigs as with the real cigarettes? Yet with the many distinct flavors we have in offer and the loads of satisfied customers who have made the switch, this is the time for you to make the leap and save your lungs while there is still time.

However, let us have a look at the health benefits first. The thing about the real cigs and cancer is that it is not tobacco or nicotine itself that causes the damage to your lungs but the smoke or the burn. That is, the material which is created when the cigarette filler burns along with the tobacco. However, with the cloud electronic cigarette, there is no question of a burn, or smoke. You get your daily nicotine fix, without however causing any great damage to your system.

xeo_cigs_e_cigarette_stall_at_tobacco_product_trade_fair-300x168Yes, you are still attached to the nicotine but nicotine attachment is nowhere as harmful as smoking the real cigarette. In fact, scientific studies have shown that there is no way to tell that nicotine addiction is more harmful than, say, addiction to caffeine. So, just as you enjoy your hot cup of coffee without a burden in your mind, you can now just go on enjoying your eletronic cigarettes with a free mind. In fact, according to recent studies, e cigarettes are proving to be even more effective than nicotine patches in making people kick the butt.

A small word here on the origin of the product, too. Not many are aware that e cigarette was not developed in Europe and America, but came from the country that also discovered, millennia ago, the beverage we now know by the name of tea. Yes, we are talking about China and it is one Chinese pharmacist who first developed an e cig. The name was Hon Lik. Lik himself was an avid smoker and so was his father. But it is when his father died of lungs cancer, that Lik decided it was time to put his foot into it. He looked for an alternative and out of that search and determination, was born the first e cigarette.

Now, as for our e-cigs, you are going to love the different flavors we present. In fact, we assure that over time, you will get so used to these electronic sticks that you will not even be aware that you are not tasting the real thing. The starter kit will include the cigarettes, battery, charger and cartridges. You can recharge the batteries anytime you want and our flavor cartridges will last longer than most other products, too. We are not just claiming this and to know that we are not, all you need to do is check our client testimonials and find what they are saying about our e-cig. You just need to choose your preferred flavor and you are in for it. So, do give a kick to the good old butt, and make your switch today!